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skankee-doodle asked
This blog is amazing. LET ME HUG YOU.

Oh my gosh, I’m sorry it took me this long to reply to you!

But thank you so so so much~! I’m honoured that you like my blog!

dottybun asked
Yayay someone i can talk to! It's such a beautiful touching film, I watched it yesterday morning, and all day, i never stopped thinking about the film, and the script, and the music, The music was brilliant, I started crying when Cathal was injecting on his foot, I did not expect that at all. And from then on. I didnt stop cryed, I cryed at the fact Cathel was crawing away from the car, I cryed when Fred finally dived in the the water, I cryed for about 5 minture after thr film, Its so beautiful

I know how you feel! That movie was so emotional. It was so funny at first, and everything was great, but then it started getting so sad! I was sobbing uncontrollably when they showed Cathal in the coffin. I really broke down, that scene was just, I couldn’t stop crying! I really did enjoy the music as well, it was so nice and lots of piano playing. Remember that one part when Cathal plays and sings on the piano? I loved that part!! I could not stop smiling! Ah, such a good movie. I’m still emotionally disfigured from watching it though. So. Much. Crying.   

Parked really was a good movie~. And I’m looking forward to all the gif’s that will come from it, like this one I have:

Colin Morgan doing an awkward dive into a pool. Never will I tire of that. Colin did such a good job acting didn’t he, it was hard to understand him at times because of his accent, but he was great. Very great indeed.

Favorite Hetalia character?

Let’s take a little poll for fun. What’s everybody’s favorite character from Hetalia? :)